Units in English

This course is an introduction to a wide range of farming systems that include organic farming, such us:
  • The agroecology system
  • The biodynamic system
  • The permaculture system
  • The natural farming system
  • The no-tillage system
  • The agroforestry system
  • The crop rotation system

PESTEL, a place to discuss subjects- that effect all of us.

NO, we are not going to talk about politics, political movements or who is right or who is wrong! Political parties, persons or governments will not be discussed!  What we are starting here is a discussion forum, with subjects that are related to the six subjects mentioned in the title.

Legal stuff, ecological stuff, social and technological stuff. Sometimes we cannot avoid mentioning the economic and/or political influence, without telling you which side to choose.

It should stay an open discussion on every subject and everybody can participate. The only thing you have to do is enrol on this PESTEL Forum.

This unit is a community driven effort to keep updated all the resources that can be found online about all the issues regarding organic farming, sustainability and other wider issues that may be useful to WWOOF and its related activities.